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Our robust digital marketing and media capabilities, including data segmentation, hyper-targeting, progressive analytics, and media optimization combine to measurably bolster engagement across the digital media landscape.

Our senior media team of experts formulate comprehensive digital media strategies and plans, prioritizing omnichannel media opportunities to reinforce relevancy and enhance personalized delivery of critical content.

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to explore strategic marketing and digital media opportunities, please

Intelligent    Agile Digital Media Planning


Media Buying    Strategic Campaign Optimization  

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actionable research that informs critical brand decisions and helps formulate comprehensive media plans  


development of media strategy and campaign parameters, technology platform and creative amortization assessment  


deployment, management and real-time iteration of media campaigns, across partners and channels, to maximize KPI performance


customized campaign performance reporting and real-time data driven insights 

partial client roster

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Working with Confideo has been an exceptionally positive experience.

Their role as thoughtful strategic partners is evident in their meticulous planning and execution of digital media initiatives while ensuring our brand's message reaches the right audience effectively.

Their active and dynamic approach to managing media campaigns reflects their deep understanding of our business needs, making them an invaluable asset to our success.

As an emerging biotech looking to differentiate our commercial organization as a next-generation powerhouse, integrating data & media is critical to gain the greatest reach & engagement among targeted populations.

Confideo has served as a thought partner & a true extension of our internal team. Confideo boasts a collection of area experts that have enabled our team to reach stretch goals across a portfolio of 4 brands. Their dexterity & willingness to evolve with our agile strategies have made them an invaluable partner. 

After only a few short months of working together, we, organizationally, have consolidated all media buying with Confideo to scale their insights across our full portfolio. This consolidation has already borne fruit as we wrap 2023 with incremental savings derived from their media negotiations more than offsetting the media management fees associated with campaign management, making our partnership with Confideo an even higher ROI opportunity. 

Any organization with a focus on commercial innovation & data would see a clear leveling up after partnering with Confideo.

- Coherus Biosciences -|- NASDAQ: CHRS

After partnering with Confideo on numerous immersive multimedia strategies and tactics, we tapped them to formulate a range of innovative and effective digital media plans.  The Confideo team quickly understands brand goals and objectives and efficiently analyzes the landscape to strategically identify unique and effective opportunities.  Furthermore, they bring exponential value through strictly senior-level service, paired with effective data analysis that empowers collective decision making which has been transformative. 

- SOUND Healthcare


Confideo has done an amazing job strategically managing and optimizing our NPP media plan.  They take a refreshing customer-centric focus and consistently deliver expert work, with quick turnaround times, extreme attention to detail, and a positive attitude. 

- Puma Biotech -|- NASDAQ: PBYI

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ELITE 2022 Digital Crusader Jay Shino of Confideo

PM360 - 05.2022

together we can innovate + advance the delivery of critical medical information & scientific content

Immersive Healthcare Media

Management Consulting + Investments

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